Supplier Endorsements...


Fischer SA is part of an international German based group. Since their inception in 1990 , Fischer SA have firmly established themselves as South Africa’s premium manufacturer of longitudinal laser welded stainless steel tubing and tube components.



Rösler is the world market leading manufacturer of vibratory surface finishing, shot blasting, process technologies and systems for the optimum surface finishing of metal and other components.


The advantages of acid free Rösler Keramo-Finish® – Process:

Safety – Environmental: no hazard to the operator / environment caused by acids, dust or effluent.

Quality: automatic operation under controlled parameters producing consistent reproducible results up to RZ = 0.2 um and RA = 0.01 um, with no embrittlement or oxide contamination of the components.


Stainless Design components are polished using the Rösler acid free Keramo-Finish® – Process.



Southern African Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) is a development association providing a platform for the Stainless Steel industry to amongst others to promote the awareness and use of stainless steel in South Africa and to provide technical advice…. Membership of the association is open to both national and international companies in good standing involved in the production, distribution, fabrication and use of stainless steel..